How to use Fleshy Pro? Your Indepth Guide & Review

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sex toy review! Today, we're going to talk about  Fleshy Pro, a brand new sponsor known for their quality products at competitive prices. Priced at just $70, this toy aims to deliver an intense experience akin to a vigorous [insert action].

Design and Features

The Fleshy Pro has a sleek white design with a universal hole that caters to various preferences without the anatomically specific shapes found in other toys. This versatility allows users to imagine any desired experience.

One standout feature is its user-friendly design. Cleaning is easy thanks to its easily removable insert, which can be turned inside out for thorough cleaning—a feature often overlooked in similar products.

Unlike its competitors, the Fleshy Pro features a detachable section that simplifies the insertion of its bullet vibrator. This thoughtful design detail nakes sure a hassle-free setup, bring user convenience significantly.


Performance and Functionality

It has four intuitive buttons—a power button, vibrating control, suction trigger, and climax button— offers straightforward operation. However, users may find the waterproof gasket covering these controls slightly obstructive, needing a bit of force to operate effectively.

The toy's vibrating function, controlled by a distinctive squiggly line button, and its suction mechanism, activated by the mouth-shaped button, combine to simulate a deeply oral BJ efeeling. For those seeking an intense climax, the lightning bolt button amplifies the suction power, gives you an pretty unique sensation.

Included with the Fleshy Pro are simple and wired earbuds, a thoughtful addition for improve the overall user experience  However, users may find the preloaded sound effects lackluster, preferring othersounds for a more immersive session.

Pros and Cons


Affordable price point at $70

Easy-to-clean removable sleeve

Detachable vibrator bullet, fine design!



Built-in sound its terrible

Waterproof gasket over control button may not easy to press and use

Final Verdict

 In conclusion, the Fleshy Pro stands out as an exceptional value in the realm of suction toys. Its affordable price, coupled with innovative design features and satisfactory performance, It is worthwhile for sure and you can add it into your collection anytime!

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