AutoBlow AI Review: A Futuristic Masturbator

Hey guys! Today's review is a bit of a doozy. The second I saw this thing, I knew it was right up my alley. If you look at it head-on, I think you're gonna start to understand what I mean. It worked completely differently from any of the Fleshlight launches or Kiiroo products. The AutoBlow AI

The Design and Functionality

The AutoBlow AI works in a completely different way to deliver stimulation. It also has a completely different sleeve design compared to any toy that uses a sleeve. But besides that, let's get rolling with what exactly this toy does and why it's even called the AutoBlow AI.

The AI Mode

Once you turn it on, you can scroll through the different settings. There's actually a light-up display that's very helpful for going through the 10 different settings. You can't really tell from just looking, but this is supposed to be AI mode. I'm guessing they must have made a robot look at how far the mouth would go in a video and then replicate it.

In my opinion, it's kind of just another name for random, but if they did anything involving AI, I guess it's just improved random. So, that's pretty good. I did like all the different settings, and they were mostly just different intensities, but it's really cool actually being in the sleeve and having it jerk you off with an actual kind of piston-driven system.

Unique Sleeve Design

Most sleeves you see are actually open at the end, right? It's unique that the AutoBlow AI's is not. If I take it out and show you right now, it's actually completely closed in. That's because there's no need for any airflow to move the toy, as it's all being done by this little doinker here. It's pretty interesting overall in a few different ways too.

Performance and Experience

The only real problem with the toy is that even once you get it going and pause it, there is a little bit of noise. It's almost like running an Xbox 360—not quite that loud, but that weird sound of noise escaping from mechanical stuff.

I would say that this is absolutely not a stealthy choice. If you are someone who's worried about getting caught or really wants to tread the line, the AutoBlow AI is not the greatest choice for that. But if you're someone who's completely unashamed about their habits and just ready to go to town in the privacy of their own home, it does get a lot of good things done.

Hands-Free Experience

There are some automatic male masturbators where it still feels like you just have to jerk off; you still have to move the toy up and down, and you essentially just have some extra flavoring going on. When it comes to this toy, it's an actual lay-back-and-enjoy-yourself experience, and that's really unique out of all the male toys I've checked out recently.

Sleeve Maintenance

What's also unique about it, and something that I'm still not sure how I feel about, is that to get the sleeve back in, you have to use a device I call "the stick." It's a little stick they give you, and it's because you have to actually get the two portions through for it to go back through the little plastic thing here.

The stick is very useful for going around the edges so you can push it lightly back in. Now, if you just make sure to keep any lube off the stick, it's pretty easy, but I do wish they'd make that easier to access in the future.

Build Quality

Besides that, it is of considerably high build quality. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to show up when I first got it, right? I hadn't really heard of these guys before, and it's pretty much all they do.

It ended up being a very sturdy toy. It doesn't jiggle around or anything, and while I wouldn't drop it, I feel like it could get away with it. I definitely do not recommend that for anyone who's thinking about it.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique Design: The completely closed sleeve design is different from most other products and offers a unique experience.
  • Multiple Settings: The light-up display and 10 different settings provide a customizable experience.
  • High-Quality Build: The toy feels sturdy and well-made.
  • Hands-Free Experience: Truly a lay-back-and-enjoy toy, unlike others where you still have to do some manual work.



  • Noise Level: The toy is not stealthy and makes noticeable mechanical noise.
  • Sleeve Maintenance: Reassembling the sleeve requires a stick, which can be cumbersome and inconvenient.
  • Lack of Discretion: Not ideal for those who need to be discreet due to the noise and design.


Overall, I'd give the AutoBlow AI a 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a high-quality, innovative product with some room for improvement, particularly in terms of noise and ease of maintenance.



Overall Impressions


If you want a fully automated jerk-off experience with this mouth kind of action going on, and you just don't want to worry about anything and want to tune out while this gets the job done, it works extremely well for that. So overall, I'm very much impressed with it. I just hope they work on the noise and make it easier to reassemble the sleeve without the stick.

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