LELO Hugo 2 Hands on Review

LELO Hugo 2 Hands on Review

First Impressions

Let’s dive into the Hugo 2 Prostate Massager from LELO, a brand known for luxury and inclusivity in intimate products. When I first got my hands on the Hugo 2, the packaging immediately stood out. It’s sleek and elegant with black and gold lettering, setting the tone for a high-end experience. Inside, you'll find a USB charger, instructions, a discreet carry pouch, and a packet of lube. Everything is thoughtfully put together.

r/sextoyguide - Lelo Hugo 2 Prostate Massager - Hands on Review

Design and Features

The Hugo 2 isn’t just about looks. It has two powerful motors—one for the prostate and one for the perineum (or taint). This dual-motor setup means you get intense sensations from both ends. The USB charging is a big plus, ensuring you don’t run out of juice at the worst moment.

The App: Next-Level Control

The real magic happens when you pair the Hugo 2 with its app. The app is super user-friendly and lets you control the device in some pretty cool ways. There are three main modes: screwing, shaking, and manual. With the app’s sense motion technology, your phone’s movements control the toy, adding a fun, interactive element to your experience.

Trying It Out: Modes and Customization

You can choose from different settings like daring, ecstasy, and thrilled, tweaking the intensity to find what suits you best. Whether you want subtle vibes or something more powerful, there’s a mode for you. The app also lets you lock in your preferred settings, so you get the perfect experience every time.

r/sextoyguide - Lelo Hugo 2 Prostate Massager - Hands on Review

Extra Touch: LELO Water-Based Personal Moisturizer

LELO also includes a water-based personal moisturizer, which is a nice touch. It comes in an elegant bottle that looks more like cologne than lube, so you can leave it out without raising eyebrows. Plus, the bottle design prevents leaks, making it travel-friendly.

Honest Take: The Good and the Not-So-Good


  • Stylish design: Looks great and feels premium.

  • Dual motors: Strong sensations for prostate and perineum.

  • App control: Easy and fun to use.

  • Sense motion tech: Control it with your phone’s movements.

  • USB rechargeable: Convenient and eco-friendly.

  • Discreet packaging: Perfect for travel.


  • Tech-heavy: Might be too much for those who prefer simplicity.

  • App issues: Compatibility can be a problem with some devices.

  • Learning curve: Takes a bit to get the hang of all the features.

  • Manual mode limits: Fewer options without the app.

  • Moisturizer leakage: Potential for leaks when traveling.

Final Thoughts: A Solid 4/5 Stars

Overall, the Hugo 2 Prostate Massager by LELO is a stylish and high-tech addition to your intimate life. It’s perfect for those who love gadgets and want a customizable experience. While there are a few drawbacks, like the reliance on tech and potential app issues, it’s still a fantastic product that offers a lot of pleasure. If you’re looking to explore new heights of intimacy, the Hugo 2 is definitely worth checking out.

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